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Discussion on the key aspects of rubber roller manufacturing and processing
ubber rollers and aprons are important drafting devices for spinning. The rubber roller and the roller, the apron and the upper and lower pins form two pairs of elastic grip jaws to complete the holding and drawing of the fibers.
Ensuring the quality of the spinning How to manage and maintain the rubber rollers?
Technology | Ensuring Spinning Quality How to manage and maintain the rubber roller? Rubber roller is an important drafting component, and its performance and management level are closely related to yarn quality. The manufacturer should not only pay attention to its production process and grinding precision. The subsequent use, management and maintenance of the rubber roller are also very important to ensure the excellent and stable spinning performance of the rubber roller. The two should complement each other to achieve a stable spinning quality level. Regional management of rubber rollers The types of hoses used in our factory include American Armstrong J463 hoses, domestic disposable hoses, domestic micro-treatment hoses, double-layer hoses, etc. Before the implementation of regional management, the rubber rollers are required according to the variety, because the variety features are small. Batch, multi-variety, fast delivery, variety change faster, rubber roller needs to change the parking space back and forth, resulting in the same type of rubber roller in the front of the various diameters mixed, the diameter difference between the front and rear rubber rollers varies with the variety, so The consequences are: the rubber roller has different grinding cycles, different times of grinding, and the hardness difference of the rubber roller is large, which causes the pressure difference of some machines of the same variety, and the problem of hard head often occurs, especially after cleaning the rubber roller diameter. The problems caused by the differences are more serious, life is difficult, and the quality of yarn is unstable. Therefore, each time after cleaning the car, the cradle pressure must be re-adjusted, which not only causes inconvenience to the maintenance work, but also affects the yarn yield. Moreover, due to the confusion in the use of the rubber roller, the difference between the spindles is increased, and the fine yarn is affected. The overall level of CV values. In order to stabilize the quality of yarn and solve the problem of life fluctuation caused by unstable pressure, our factory has divided the rubber roller used by the variety and model. The rubber roller is basically maintained in the same diameter and the same hardness in a certain area, which fundamentally solves the problem of inconsistent pressure of the same variety, improves the level of the same variety and reduces the difference of the ingot. The specific approach is: 1 According to the total number of ingots, the rubber roller is divided into four areas, and the rubber roller does not change the position of the area due to the change of the variety. After the area is divided, the diameter of the rubber roller in each area remains basically unchanged; 2 After the rubber roller is managed in a sub-area, the diameter of the front rubber roller is changed to be used after the rubber roller is small, and the rubber roller is also divided into corresponding regions to ensure that the diameters of the rubber rollers are basically the same. 3 The number of honing of the rubber roller has also been adjusted accordingly. In accordance with the principle of hard grinding and less grinding, the imported rubber roller is ground once every 8 months, and the domestic rubber roller is ground once every 4 months, and with the extension of the use time. The time of tempering is appropriate and short. From July to September, it is the high temperature and high humidity season. The number of times of rubber roller grinding depends on the life and spinning conditions on the car. After the rubber roller zoning management is realized, the pressure difference between the same type of ingots is significantly reduced, and the yarn quality level is also significantly improved. Taking the CJ 14.5 tex variety as an example: before the rubber roller regionalization management is implemented, the CV value of the strip is between 13.4% and 13.7%, and the yarn quality is 25% to 50% in the 2001 Uster bullet; After the roller regionalization management, the CV value of the strip has been stable within 25% of the Uster 2001 bulletin; compared with before the rubber roller is not regionalized, the strip CV value is increased by nearly one level. The pressure is relatively stable, the problem of hard head is effectively controlled, and the fluctuation of life is significantly reduced. Storage, use and maintenance of rubber rollers 1 The well-polished rubber roller should avoid the light when it is stored, avoiding the aging of the rubber surface of the light-receiving surface and affecting the quality of the yarn. 2 Put the quality of the rubber roller on the front and back of the car, and strengthen the inspection and assessment. The rubber roller is inspected beforehand on the machine to ensure that all the rubber rollers on the car are qualified. The maintenance team will be handed over to the rubber roller in front of the rubber roller. After
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