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FuJian Jiayu Textile Equipment Co., LTD. - Established in 2003, the company has been consistent, focusing on the improvement of yarn quality, and constantly pursuing a new...

Focus on the production of aprons, rubber rollers, strip rubber, combing rollers and other series of stretching equipment to help spinning companies improve the quality of yarn. Acting distribution of all kinds of cotton spinning accessories, equipment, special parts, cotton spinning equipment
And to undertake the design and installation of cotton spinning air conditioning (brand is Shanghai Ai Jin air conditioning).

FJR-B2168 Aluminum lining free processing rubber roller

FJR-0670 Glue roll

FJR-B70 Aluminum lining free processing rubber roller

FJR-0680 Glue roll

  • Discussion

    Discussion on the key aspects of rubber roller manufacturing and processing


  • Relationship

    Relationship between production control and rubber roller apron quality


  • Ensuring

    Ensuring the quality of the spinning How to manage and maintain the rubber rollers?