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Company Profile


FuJian Jiayu Textile Equipment Co., LTD

FuJian Jiayu Textile Equipment Co., LTD - Established in 2003, the company has been consistent, focusing on the improvement of yarn quality, and constantly pursuing a new way to stabilize yarn quality. It is a rubber ring, rubber roller, and ladle rubber. A professional manufacturer of a series of drafting equipment such as comb rollers.

To provide the most comprehensive and meticulous service for each spinning mill. In recent years, we have carried out a large number of technical cooperation with foreign counterparts, designing product formulas and processes with high starting point and high quality, and taking each user's approval and suggestions as ours. Constant innovation and improvement at one time, and always keep pace with technological development and leading technology from international experts.
FuJian Jiayu Textile Equipment Co., LTD pays close attention to the advancement of spinning technology, and will always be at the forefront of spinning technology with enterprises concerned with yarn quality, and make unremitting efforts to improve yarn quality!
FuJian Jiayu Textile Equipment Co., LTD Accessories Center distributes all kinds of cotton spinning accessories, equipment, special parts, cotton spinning equipment and the design and installation of cotton spinning air conditioners (the brand is Shanghai Aijin Air Conditioning).
FuJian Jiayu Textile Equipment Co., LTD looks forward to further communication and multi-faceted cooperation with you!