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Relationship between production control and rubber roller apron quality
The influence of the hardness, thickness, elasticity, life cycle, dispersion and rubber quality of the rubber roller and rubber ring on the spinning quality is often the focus of academic papers or academic seminars. It is well known that rubber will age with the prolonged use time, and the wear during operation will cause the surface of the rubber roller to be uneven, the hardness is increased, the elasticity is decreased, and the unevenness of the apron is intensified, resulting in a decrease in the dry C value of the cotton yarn, and various variations. The CV value increased, the details, thick sections, and neps gradually increased, and harmful yarn defects at all levels increased significantly. Extending the service life of rubber rollers and aprons is a major issue that manufacturers need to solve. It can increase the service life of rubber materials by improving the quality and processing technology of rubber materials, reduce the unevenness and wear generated during the spinning process, and prevent different individuals and batches. There is a large difference in quality between the rubber roller and the rubber ring.   After investigating the use of new and old rubber rollers and rubber rings in the same rubber factory for hundreds of textile mills for a long time, a large number of statistics and analysis were carried out on rubber rollers and aprons with wear, scratches, grooves and irregularities. In the Nanyang of Henan Province, five spinning mills were randomly selected. Among them, 100% of the rubber rollers and rubber rings in each of the four spinning mills were related to human factors. The relative number of mid-shift and night shift injuries was relatively high. Only one textile factory glue 98% of the damage of rollers and aprons is caused by human factors; the data analysis of dozens of textile factories in Xinjiang also shows that the proportion of rubber roller and rubber ring damage caused by human factors reaches 100%. Therefore, the textile mill strengthens the management of textile equipment, reduces the damage and damage of the rubber roller and the rubber ring, and achieves the purpose of reducing the cost and improving the overall quality consistency of the cotton yarn. It has also been found that more than 95% of sporadic yarn defects related to rubber roller and apron problems are caused by human factors, especially night shifts. The number of damages and damages is 5 to 10 times that of white shifts, which should be 4 hours. The textile mills that operate and produce strengthen the management of midnight shifts, and develop a stricter and more reasonable system than the white shifts to manage the medium and night shift spinning equipment and control the quality of cotton yarn.   Rubber roller, apron damage, groove marks, wear, unevenness, oil stains, cracks, rubber hose slippage from the bearing, rubber ring breakage, etc., 99% are caused by the lack of management in the production control process, so the production workshop should Formulate the transfer of the rubber roller and the apron, the operation class and the maintenance maintenance handover system. Analysis of the causes of rubber roller, apron damage, damage and the establishment of a reward and punishment system is the key to effectively prevent human factors from causing damage and damage to rubber rollers and aprons; in addition, the current textile mills have difficulty in survival, difficulty in recruiting workers, and a large number of new workers. The existence of many problems such as short time, as well as the actual situation of human factors damage, damage to rubber rollers and aprons, and the rational use and treatment of rubber rollers and rubber rings in the production workshop are the key points to protect the quality of rubber rollers and aprons. It is also the key to reducing the production cost of textile mills and improving the consistency of cotton yarn quality.   Effect of winding treatment method on the quality of rubber roller   The rubber roller and the apron winding are mainly caused by the difference in the quality of the rubber material, the antistatic treatment is not in place, the processing rubber roller and the apron process are poorly controlled; in addition, the spinning raw material has sugar, high wax content and air conditioning. The temperature and humidity control is poor, and the management of the workshop is not in place. The management of the production workshop is not in place, which is also the key reason for the scattered winding of rubber rollers and rubber rings. Generally speaking, the large area rubber roller and rubber ring winding of the textile factory is caused by the rubber quality and the temperature and humidity control of the textile factory air conditioner, and the sporadic winding is basically caused by the internal management of the spinning mill. The treatment method after the rubber roller and the rubber ring are wounded is the main factor affe
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