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Dust centralized treatment system

Dust centralized treatment system

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Detial Overview
Situation Analysis and Scheme Design Notes
1 Textile enterprises, rough, and fine processes when the rubber roller is used to a certain period of time, its surface needs to be rubbed back regularly. During the grinding process, the friction between the high-speed rotating wheel and the rubber surface will produce heat and rubber dust. When these rubber dust and odors are emitted in the air, they seriously pollute the environment and are not conducive to on-site grinding and surface treatment work for the skin roller room. It is suggested to carry on the whole dust removal transformation to the leather roller room of textile enterprise. Taking into account the actual working characteristics of the leather roller room of textile enterprises, the rubber dust and the rubber surface friction will produce a lot of heat odor during the grinding process, we recommend the use of the integrated pipe connection continuous dust collection method for dust capture. The spinning enterprise originally used a 0.75-2 .2 kW dust collector for each roller machine, and is now transformed into a dust centralized treatment system to remove the original random dust collector. The minimum wind volume per intake we designed is about 1000M & amp; Sup3; Around / H, multiple grinders can be connected in parallel, generally about 5 grinders, and can also be modified according to the total wind volume and more than 5 units. The main branch of the system adopts PVC material pipes, the system adopts foreign leading CAE/CAD / CAM technology and dust purification core technology, and combines the unique energy conservation design concept of the 15-year textile dust removal fan to integrate perfectly into green environmental protection equipment. In order to form multiple series, diversified dust centralized treatment purification products. The system uses 5.5 kW high efficiency turbine fan, theory can save energy consumption more than 33 %. And the system with the automatic unloading system can automatically discharge dust, compared to the single drawer collection dust, artificial ash, saving labor.
II. Plane diagram of the dust centralized treatment system:
1. Dust removal design: Adopt outdoor placement to collect dust. Dust and odor generated during grinding are purified outdoors. The workplace is clean and clean.
2. Pipeline design: According to the actual grinder position distribution suction points from the main road with branch pipe connection, installed flow control valve at the supervisor and branch pipe to ensure the inhalation air volume.
3. Concentrate dust treatment system: reduce indoor dust pollution, purify the air, stable negative pressure to create a grinding wheel heat, achieve a stable surface grinding effect of the roller, create a dust-free roller room, more conducive to the surface treatment of the roller.
III. Product Appearance Chart, Use Effectiveness Chart
Filter, fan modular design, covers a small area, beautiful appearance, the shell adopts electrostatic injection molding process.
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